So yesterday I got to see my favourite band and spent the day with some fabulous people. The Ghost Inside are such an amazing band and the members are the sweetest, most kind hearted people. This picture means so much more to me than so many people could ever understand. I’ve never felt safer in anybody else’s arms (despite him pushing my face and still fairly fresh septum piercing into his chest which was a bit painful). We stood like this for almost 5 minutes and he let me cry on him. I know a lot of people won’t understand how this man that before this day I had never even met could mean so much to me, but this man is my saviour. I cannot thank him enough for what his words have done for me.
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    Bringing this back because it’s making me feel better.
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    This is amazing. He is amazing. I want to be able to met him and tell him how much he has helped me as well.
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